Club Night Activities

Next Club Night 18th June 2021

club night

What happens on club night?

Club night is a chance to hone your racing skills and learn what to do at a racing event.

It is a friendly fun atmosphere to make sure you start, swim and finish correctly and you get to know the rules.

On club nights we need you swimmers to come along and meet the rest of the Aquabladz club (and/or other invited clubs).

We need lots of parents to help at racing meets. If you haven't done any of the items below Club night is the time to give it a go and learn a new skill. They are not as bad as they seem.

Racing meets cannot go ahead without parent helpers doing the roles below :-

Timekeepers - 18 people
IOT - Inspector Of Turns
JOS - Judge Of Stroke

Other helpers on club night

Challenge organiser

Aquabladz coaches prepare the schedule of events which published prior to club night.